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Personal Perspectives
I chose to do my display on Sensory Processing Disorder because I believed it would enable me to better assist students I am currently working with at school.  I have encountered different aspects of the disorder, but before I began to research, I had no idea the vastness of the condition, or the many faces it can assume.  I didn't know that with SPD, there are thousands of possible symptoms that can manifest, and that they can change from day to day.  It amazes me that that this disorder can affect a person so intensely; that it forms their reality, and makes the world a threatening place.
For me, doing this project has given me the skills to identify possible neurological differences in a student, where before I would have only seen a behavioural issue.  My eyes have been opened, in a sense, to a whole different world, and as a result, I now have some tools to help students with possible challenges they may face in their learning environment.  Most importantly, I believe that learning about Sensory Processing Disorder  has given me compassion, and will hopefully produce patience and empathy in me for the students I have the privilege of working with.  It's difficult for any of us to imagine a different reality than the one we know, but that is what I hope to be able to do, in order to help students with sensory sensitivities get to a place where they can just be kids.  
Most of all, I hope to be someone they can count on to help make the world of the classroom feel a little bit safer.
Thanks for reading,
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